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Maybe the doctors were responsible with the drugs they prescribed, maybe it was the drugs interacting with the nonprescription stuff WC was taking, maybe it was fate or an accident, but the explosion in his head was real and the hole it left behind opened his mind to the noise. It was deafening, sounds and reality and non-reality, lies and non-sequiturs, but as he thought he might be going mad, he heard the Signal. The Signal brought clarity and peace; if only he could reproduce it and beam it to the world, maybe it would bring transformation. He knew what needed to be done then, but as he rejoined the world and just prior to opening his eyes, a strange thought flashed: What if it was the lie? He awoke and remembered only the Signal. flare

  1. Intro

WC exits the rabbit hole. The signals are being processed, received and transmitted. This will go worldwide. Welcome to the sonic/cerebral/spiritual trip that is Nliten up.

  1. Is Wot It Is (the SIGNAL)

Everyone wants to know where the Signal came from, what it is and what the plan is for sending it out to the world. In the middle of the explanation, A voice from the past calls WC and he flashes back to a year earlier and the time shift gives him a brief perspective and the thought he had prior to his awakening in the hospital returns, is there deception in the Signal reception? Either way it is what it is.

  1. Big Stress

The writing is on the wall, too bad everyone that reads it, reads something different. Why is there always another box inside the bigger one? Will he ever finish this project that’s been practically sending him over the edge? The pill popping and the booze seems to be a Hellywood ritual. The police arrive at the hotel and a tearful room service employee tells anyone who wants to hear that WC is Jesus Christ. Is this happening because of him or just around him? Is this even happening? He was just standing there.

  1. Lazy Modes

One pill makes you skinny, another makes you smart, another takes the pain away and the right combination takes your life away. He REALLY needs to talk to his friend V about all the things going on in his head, if it’s not science or chemistry it must be something else. V once told him she’d dabbled into “magic” and it almost destroyed her, maybe that gave her some insight into the hard to define.

  1. Breaking Down

The Signal is coming through full power. WC now feels now there is PROOF of God’s existence. Is WC an angel? Random people seem to think so. That homeless guy said so too. What is that dead guy saying? What is the writing on the wall? He can’t quite make it out, but it’s important. Always perfect? Really? Then why is he being “escorted” away strapped to a gurney like Hannibal Lecter? Watch the official video for “Breaking Down”

  1. The Chemical Balance

One flew over the Cuccu(rullo)’s nest. Pill-popping also seems to be a hospital ritual too. WC knows he’s hearing God command him to act. It just sounds like guitar notes. Yes I will invest in the club, yes I will write N Liten up, yes I will be your servant and soldier, yes I have gone bananas, I have gone bananas today. But I can still play.

  1. Channel One (i wanna see nirvana)

WC now realizes he has become the star in his own reality tv show and its writing itself. He will spread God’s word by broadcasting the Signal live as soon as he opens the club for business. Channel One is a reality. Heaven on Earth is now possible. The opening is days away and the Signal will flow. So why is he nervous…

  1. Godisnowhere

Complications arise, the engineer and the tapes of the sessions go missing and things fall apart with the club as the partners are fearful of the drama unfolding. This forces WC to purchase a compound and go underground and Channel One has a home there and on the internet, which is nowhere and everywhere. To find it all anyone need do is look and listen and fellow artists are gathering to make more sound.

  1. Goodbye

The images and sounds are all starting to make sense, but in order to understand them certain false truths need to be abandoned. These truths had never been questioned before and letting go of them requires a conscious effort, but in the end lies cannot show you the way they can only stop your way. WC abandons the manufactured and agenda driven reality for new path, will Channel One succeed in awakening others?

  1. His Mind Into Her

WC ties the knot, ’til death do us part. Watch the official video for “His Mind Into Her”

  1. N Liten Up

This is the track that encapsulates the Signal, it and Channel One are the key to the plan, but the label hears something they cannot promote, the pushback is real and to go on requires love and not to let the small things get in the way, no one said it would be easy, but it need not be hard either, it just needs to be.

  1. Tuya

The final track, and a killer hook from the dead guy. The receptionist sings, the sandwich guy raps, Sugar is looking up into the sky a bit, but nails the hook, Donna tells us when and counts in her native tongue, everyone makes a difference and the NOTES are all that matters. WC is now wondering if a riddle has been left for him to solve: Music…is the best Imaginon John, Imaginon. Can I get a witness?

Album credits N ‘Liten Up Warren Cuccurullo

All tracks conceived and composed by WC 

Trk 1 compiled by J. Travers/K. Huffnagle, Trk 3 WC/N. Rhodes, trk 4 WC/N. Rhodes/V. Coassolo, trk 5 (WC/S. Sello), trk 7 (WC/S. Sello, trk 10 (WC/Neil Carlill), 

All titles Private Parts Music ASCAP administered by SONGS music publishing
Recorded and mixed at Village Recorders Los Angeles
Initial recording done in Privacy London and Privacy Los Angeles

Produced by WC/Simone Sello
Produced by WC/Sello/TV Mania (3, 4, 8, 9)
Mixed by WC, Simone Sello and Kent Huffnagle
Trk 4 mixed by WC, Sello, John Jones
Additional engineering & programming Mark Tinley
Mastered by Eric Hart at Glaus Haus Studios
Cover photo by Dean Chamberlain
Art direction by Mariko Catherine
Art direction by Melle Belle
Management: Jean Renard

WC —lead vocals, gtr, bass (trks 3, 4, 8, 12), programming
Simone Sello — keyboards, bass, drum programming + vocals (trk 11)
Joe Travers — drums (trks 3, 5, 8, 12)
Giuseppe Patane — bass (trks 2, 9)
Chris Golden — bass (trk 10)
Alex Alessandroni — wurlitzer (trk 4)
Nick Rhodes — keyboards (trks 3, 4, 9)
Ben Wendel — tenor and soprano sax (trks 4, 10)
Matthew Silberman — tenor sax (trks 9, 11)
Manuel Stagars — kaoss fx (trk 6)
Shenkar — violin and vocals (trk 6), vocals (trk 1)
Gingger — violin and vocals (trk 6), vocals (trk 1)
Alex Troupe — lead vocals (trks 3, 11)
Veronica Coassolo — lead vocals (trk 4)
Neil Carlill — lead vocals (trk 10)
Mayko — vocals (trk 7)
Dale Bozzio – spoken word (trk 2)
Gingger’s daughter — “heaven on earth” vocal (trk 6)
Donna — vocals (trks 2, 11, 12)
Brooke — vocals (trks 2, 5, 8, 11, 12)
Sugar — vocals (trks 2, 12)
Tamaki (Farcast) — rap verses (trk 12)

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© 2005-2015. Warren Cuccurullo. All Rights Reserved.